WeTek Core

The WeTek Primary is as near as we've discovered to the most ideal Kodi loading box, which is why it's such unfortunate that it's not available in the US.

Its 2GHz Quad Primary processer provides regular of energy, which is significant since the WeTek facilitates 4K play-back. It's inexpensive at just £96, and it's also the only box on this record to add a TV receiver, which indicates that it can even play-back stay TV.

It's even got Kodi pre-installed, so you must not have any issue with this device if you just want to use it and get viewing immediately.

As well as not being available stateside, it's also frustrating to see that the WeTek Primary only facilitates Wi-Fi up to 802.11n rather than the more recent 802.11ac … not that it really issues. For ideal outcomes loading 4K you're going to want to hardwire it into your system using the gigabit ethernet slot anyway.