Build your own Android/Kodi Box!

The attractiveness of Kodi (and XBMC before it) is that it's so configurable as a application. It seems sensible then that you may want to go all out and absolutely set up the elements you use as well.

Kodi can be set up on most pc devices, which implies that building a box out of common PC elements will work perfectly. If you're someone who preserves a pc PC with frequent elements improvements, then your old elements can go into your new Kodi box.

This also indicates that if a part of your system becomes obsolete further down the road then, theoretically, it's just a simple situation of changing out that element for upgrading.

Is your Wi-Fi cards outdated? Just rip out the old element and substitute it. Processer getting a bit long in the tooth? Simply start working to the control and substitute it with a bright new one.

This is probably the priciest technique on this record, but the causing fulfillment from having designed an HTPC entirely yourself is value your time as well as it requires several times over.

If there are any awesome components of elements you think we've skipped then please let us know in content below!